The Backstory...


From clubs to restaurants, outdoor markets and celebrations to house parties, I'll bring the music to you. 

I'll add a laid-back vibe to the room, or I can get everyone singing along. 

Whatever mood you want to create, I'll help you set the tone and provide a flawless musical background to your event.


 Throughout the years I've played in a lot of bands; indie pop, hair metal, polka, reggae, r&b, folk, jazz, alt country, even an Elvis cover band. And I have an accordion with my name on it. Really, I do.

But for me, there's nothing like a classic pop song. One which awakens old memories from that long-forgotten time in your life. Isn't that what music is about? Taking you back to that certain feeling...


 I grew up at the tail end of the baby boomer era, so my sweet spot is the 70s, but I love the songs of the 60s and 80s too. I like to surprise listeners with long-forgotten treasures. 

TV theme songs are also a favorite. Remember the themes from Welcome Back Kotter, The Golden Girls and Cheers? Guaranteed crowd pleasers every time.